Planning Application Approved.

December 2021: Newcastle City Council planning committee reviewed our site plans at their meeting on Friday 3rd December where they were unanimously passed! (Subject to a number of planning conditions). This marks an exciting milestone and we would like to extend our thanks to our enabling developer Town and MawsonKerr Architects for helping us get to this point.

Site identified.

Feb 2020: Newcastle City Council have generously offered COHUT a site in Benwell. We are currently developing plans for this site with Mawson Kerr architects.

Clarifying our vision.

2014 After much discussion, we complete a written statement of our vision and values.

Community Housing Fund grant.

2019: We were awarded a Community Housing Fund grant of £68,000. We are currently using this funding to develop plans (to RIBA stage 3) for a site in Benwell, with Mawson Kerr Architects.

Working with TOWN.

2018: We started working with TOWN as our enabling developer in 2018. TOWN has a wealth of experience in delivering sustainable and community-led housing, including Marmalade Lane, Cambridge’s first cohousing community, in late 2018.

Working with Mawson Kerr Architects.

June 2019: We are excited to be working with Newcastle-based Mawson Kerr Architects. We are currently working on feasibility for a site in Benwell.

Locality Grant award.

2017: We were awarded grant funding by Locality, an organisation which supports local community organisations to be strong and successful. We used this funding to get group facilitation and guidance from Jimm Reed at Coho on financial models.

Group formation.

2013: CoHUT came together in 2013, following a series of public community housing events in Newcastle.